How to Increase Your Hotel Occupancy

What is hotel occupancy rate?

Occupancy rate refers to the percentage of occupied rooms compared to the total amount of available rooms in your hotel. To calculate, simply divide the total number of rooms occupied by the total number of rooms available times 100.

Why is it important to know your occupancy rate?

Your property’s occupancy rate is one of the most important indicators of success. Generally, you can assume that the higher the rate, the better off you are. Comparing yourself with other hotels in the area can help you get a good gauge of whether you have a competitive occupancy rate.

How do you increase your occupancy?
  1. Create packages and promotions – Packages, special deals and promotions give your hotel an advantage that will in turn increase occupancy, particularly in lean seasons and days where you normally get less guest.
  2. Target the right markets – Keep in mind who is most likely to stay at your hotel. Is it business or leisure travellers? Young couples or families?  If your marketing efforts are focused to the right audience, you’ll get more booking.
  3. Sell your rooms to as many online travel agencies as you can manage – If your hotel isn’t being sold on the popular online travel agencies (i.e. Booking, Agoda, Expedia), you won’t reach the right people and your occupancy rate won’t be as high.
  4. Use technology to simplify your task – A good booking system and channel manager solves this problem by letting you post online your packages and promotions and distribute your rooms to a large selection of online travel agency websites, giving you the opportunity to reach 100% occupancy.
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