Facebook: Why Hotels Need To Be On It and What to Post

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, and still growing! Facebook reported 2.1 billion active monthly users in 2017. Hotels not only have to be present on this channel, they must be active on it too.

Facebook provides something your hotel website cannot – the opportunity to have a conversation with travellers. Through your hotel’s Facebook page, potential guests can know your property and what others are saying about it. It’s your opportunity to tell them about your hotel, the local area and what’s new and exciting!

Facebook is the easiest way to spread the info quickly, without having to wait to update your website. Posting fresh content on Facebook will increase your chance of be discovered by more travellers. When someone “Likes” or “Shares” your Facebook post, it’s seen by other people in their network of friends.

Inspiration for what to post on Facebook. 

  • Share local news and events. They are great resources for what’s going on in your area. You can also share content from other people. Follow travel blogs and travel pages; they are always posting articles and videos that you can share, such as how to prepare for a trip, local eats, fun things to do, etc.
  • Share user-generated content (UGC) created by your guests. This could be photos, videos, or a posts that mention your property or the local area. UGC is a quick and easy way to source content for your own page, but always ask for a guest’s permission before re-sharing it.
  • Share human interest pieces – because everyone loves a good story. You can even use Facebook to promote a cause, like a fund raising or an outreach program for the community or the recent efforts your staff made to help the typhoon victims in your local area.

Drive Traffic to Your Hotel Website

Facebook is a great way to bring people to your website. One of the easiest ways to drive traffic from Facebook is to start a blog about what’s happening in your area, where users must visit your website to view the full article. You can also use special offers that link to your website/booking engine. It doesn’t hurt to even profile some of your amenities (e.g. pool/spa/restaurant) or room types on Facebook from time to time.

When to Post (And How Often)

We recommend posting at least three times a week. Make it a part of your agenda in team meetings to brainstorm ideas for Facebook. Then schedule time in your calendar to craft your updates and post to Facebook. TIP: Facebook’s highest traffic times occur mid-week between 1 to 3 pm and is 20% higher on Thursdays and Fridays

You should monitor your Facebook page daily. Be on the lookout for guests who may have tagged your hotel in their posts, or written a review on your page. Respond to these quickly, thanking them for mentioning you and/or providing feedback. If you receive a negative review, take the conversation off-line. Ask the guest to message you privately so you can resolve the issue.

Encourage Guests to Get Involved

It doesn’t take much convincing to ask guests to post about your hotel on Facebook; Almost all of travellers already post vacation photos to social networks. Encourage guests to post about your hotel while they’re onsite. Mention it at check-in, leave a reminder in their room, or include it on cards/posters around your property.

It’s Time to be Social

There are many ways to become more active on Facebook and it doesn’t have to be all up to you. Get your team involved, ask guests to post on Facebook, and re-share content from others. Facebook is here to stay, so you may as well use it to increase awareness of your property, as well as drive traffic to your website!

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