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  • Worth the Journey: Far-Flung Lodges of the World

    Tathagata Farm Surroundings

    (By WHL Group) In today’s hyper-connected and quickly globalising world, a retreat into remoteness can be the finest amenity that travel has to offer. But where can you turn to really get away from it all? And when you get there, will you still have somewhere to spend the night? We’ve searched our WHL Group network for […]

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  • What Is Experiential Travel? Here’s What We Think

    Playing with some of the local village children during a rural homestay experience in Sapa, Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Maureen Valentine

    (By WHL Group) What is an experience worth? Like the long-lasting memories that come from them, the experiences of travel are what make it priceless and unique. Today’s traveller seeks experiences. More than the amenities and creature comforts, more than the attractions and canned entertainment, more than the must-sees and photos, the real-life experiences are […]

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  • Five MORE Ecolodges to Plan Your Trip Around

    (By Cynthia Ord) What exactly is an ecolodge? A few weeks ago, André Franchini of Hotel Link Solutions explored answers to the question in his Five Ecolodges to Plan Your Trip Around. He confirmed that, while there are many interpretations of the ‘ecolodge’ concept, most of the structures share some special traits. • They’re low-impact […]

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  • Five Ecolodges to Plan Your Trip Around

    Five Ecolodges to Plan Your Trip Around

    (By André Franchini) What is ecotourism? To most people, it’s a confusing and only vaguely familiar term. Some ask “Does ecotourism mean staying in ecolodges?” Yes, it does, but that’s not all. Ecotourism is an approach to travel that embraces all the principles of responsible tourism, not just choice of accommodation. Still, if you’re new […]

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  • How to Be a Slow Traveller: Choose the Right Accommodation

    Bua Lodge in Malawi. Photo courtesy of Bua Lodge

    (By WHL Group) In the best-selling book and motion picture Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert spends an entire year on the road. She visits three different countries for four months each. How did she do it? Apart from having a book deal already in place to fund her journey, she also travelled smart and travelled […]

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