• Hotel Online Marketing: How social are you with your hotel guest?

    Social media has changed the way we connect, engage, and communicate with our guest. Staying connected with them is important to keep the relationship going even after they have left. You can encourage this relationship by asking them to follow your hotel on their favourite social media – Facebook Inspire with useful content  Travellers use Facebook for fun, inspiration, and quite often […]

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  • Hotel Online Marketing: Where should you invest your efforts?

    Most hotels are putting an effort into competing with their “frenemies” – the Online Travel Agencies (or OTAs). OTAs claim between 10-20% commission on bookings, and they are the source of almost two-thirds of all online bookings. What can hotels do? Small to medium independent hotels, with their limited resources, can improve profit by increasing […]

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  • Hotel Map Marketing: How to add my hotel to Google Maps?

    Adding your hotel’s location on Google Maps is a MUST if you want your guests to find your hotel. In this day and age of GPS, Waze, Uber and location marketing – your hotel can’t afford to be unsearchable in these platforms. Here is a quick 3 step process for adding your hotel on google […]

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  • Hotel Online Marketing: The Five Stages of Travel

    A study about how customers select hotels. Google has released a study that highlights the five stages of travel that people go through in selecting their hotel. Whether the traveler is dreaming about their next vacation, planning for it, booking their stay or experiencing it firsthand, the study provides insights on how to connect with your […]

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  • Hotel Online Marketing: Put your content where your customers are.

    Content marketing is the way to convince customers to book your hotel and stay loyal to your brand. Content marketing seems like a huge challenge and managers feel like they might drown in them.  Yes, there are lots of places to have a conversation with potential customers Yes, there is lots of advice about how to […]

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