Hotel Map Marketing: How to add my hotel to Google Maps?

Adding your hotel’s location on Google Maps is a MUST if you want your guests to find your hotel. In this day and age of GPS, Waze, Uber and location marketing – your hotel can’t afford to be unsearchable in these platforms. Here is a quick 3 step process for adding your hotel on google maps.

Step 1: Add or verify your hotel: Adding, claiming and verifying your hotel helps customers find it on Google. Once you’ve added and verified your business, you can edit business information like address, contact information, category, and photos.








Step 2: Add your hotel to the map

  1. Open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in.
  2. Zoom in to the map where you want to add your hotel.
  3. In the bottom right, click Send Feedback.
  4. Click Add a missing place.
  5. Drag the marker where you hotel is, and add any relevant information.
  6. Click Submit.











Step 3:Claim and verify your business

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Search for your business.
  3. In the card below the search box, click Are you the business owner?
  4. Claim and verify your business.

Once your business is verified, your hotel will be available on the map and would be so much easier to locate. Congratulations!